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Georgia Habeas Corpus Attorneys

Petitioning the court for a writ of habeas corpus is the last chance for releasing a person held by the state of Georgia in violation of their rights. Whether a loved one faces pretrial detention on criminal charges or is currently incarcerated in Georgia, contacting our law firm can help.

Serving the Greater-Atlanta Area in Habeas Corpus Petition Matters

At the Atlanta-area Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, our national Habeas Corpus attorneys help clients file habeas corpus petitions to get their lives back on track.

We have worked on more than 500 federal and state habeas corpus petitions over the years. With thorough understanding of state and federal law on habeas corpus petitions, we talk honestly with clients about the likelihood of success and work diligently to get the best possible results.

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: We Take Over and Help Improve Your Situation

Georgia Federal habeas corpus petitions often focus on arguments of ineffective assistance of counsel. Ineffective assistance can happen when your trial or appellate lawyer made serious mistakes. These may include failing to address sufficiency of the evidence, failing to address suppression issues, improper jury instructions or a host of errors that should have been caught.

Ineffective assistance of counsel can be a difficult argument to make. If your attorney did not make an objection, if you think your attorney made an error, you must prove in your habeas corpus petition that your case outcome would have been different if your attorney’s mistake had not happened. In Georgia, ineffective assistance of counsel complaints must be raised at the first available opportunity, often at the motion for new trial level.

In Georgia, you now have four years from the date your conviction becomes final, from sentencing or appeal, to file a habeas petition.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Pre-Trial Prevention Lawyer

When you need well-qualified legal guidance on a habeas corpus petition, contact the Atlanta based Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg online today, or by calling 404-633-3797.

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