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Georgia Parole Petitions Lawyers

If a loved one is eligible for parole, a thorough and persuasive petition to the parole board can make a difference in when they are released. While parole-hearing representation by a qualified attorney is not always necessary, it can help achieve better results with a more thorough and legally-based parole petition.

Greater Atlanta-Area Attorney for Parole Representation

At the Greater Atlanta-area Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, our parole representation lawyers focus on helping people get the best possible results by providing valuable assistance with parole petitions.

How Courts Determine Paroles

The parole decision in Georgia is driven by the guideline grid system and is mitigated by a wide range of factors. Some factors apply to some cases, some apply to others and, in a few cases, all of these factors apply and need to be addressed specifically in order to obtain favorable review on parole:

  • Criminal history
  • Institution adjustment
  • Offender characteristics
  • Pre- or post-offense adjustments
  • Mitigating offense information
  • Community support
  • Release planning
  • Victims' interests
  • Background and social history

When we take your case, we coordinate this information into the petition to help the parole board view our clients in the most positive way. We use records and evidence to support mitigation of the crime. These are often discovered in our pre-parole investigations, where we focus on evidence to show that a person is a good candidate for release.

Contact an Experienced Atlanta Hearing Representation Attorney for Parole Answers

Whenever you begin thinking about parole petition representation or other matters of post-conviction relief, like filing writs of habeas corpus, please contact the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg by completing our intake form or calling 404-633-3797 to speak with a lawyer.

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